Shaws Creek Baptist Church

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Shaws Creek Baptist Church invites any and all individuals to come and participate in our worship. You will find a loving community who is ready to pray with you, laugh with you, and live life with you!

Sanctifying music.

Our mixed-style services incorporate all levels of music with the idea of being multi-generational.

Relaxed atmosphere.

Our church is warm and inviting to all who visit! Expect to be greeted with a smile in a laid back atmosphere where Christ is the center.

What should I wear?

You are invited to come in whatever makes you comfortable! Others often dress in anything from a sports jacket to a simple pair of jeans.

What kind of worship should I expect?

The worship style of Shaws Creek Baptist Church tends to lean more traditional with rich hymns and sound theology. Many times you will hear a variety of talented people within the church that make up the choir.

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